We had redesigned MAHThemes download server but now it's on shared hosting so, we had limited daily downloads per ip to 10 (we may decrease it to 3 if we notice any problems). We developed our own custom theme for our download server. You can check new look of our download server on https://downloads.mahthemes.download/
We use material design on our website which is developed by us. It took our alot of time. However, we are also using separate accounts for our download server to host files on different servers to increase speed and stability of our server. We hope you like our new download server.

We are still selling our website https://mahthemes.download and now this download server is also included in the package. However after 90 days of our publisher post for sale of mahthemes the prices will be increased accordingly worthofweb calculator.

Currently we have two accounts to store files and one account to store our download server from where you will be able to download files at full speed. We are not limiting the speed and also there are no pop-up ads. We are only using Google Adsense ads from starting of MAHThemes and will always be until the website is with us.

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