About Us
This is a community website created by Muhammad Aqib Hussain (MAHOfficial). We have alot of websites which provide free contents under GPL (General Public License) for learning and testing purposes. MAHCommunity (Muhammad Aqib Hussain's Community) is a social networking type community website which allow it's fans to register and get help from us and other members of our Community. MAHCommunity is currently build on a social networking platform and will have forums feature soon for it's users.

This Community website is created for our website visitors and users to get help and it also allow them to advertise their websites and promote them. Our Community have alot of features and we are sure that these features will be liked by our visitors & fans. Now, we had stopped direct facebook help. Now, only members with premium upgrade can get direct help from us. Other's can get help by simple posting in this community and we may be sometime suggest some solution but that problem will not personally handled and may cause delay and no direct support for free accounts will be provided but they have access to some other community features and they can also be helped out by other communities members.

Why we cost for support and other premium features?

We are from 3 years on internet and doesn't got anything for what we did and we are not getting much revenue from our advertising networks. We are also not getting donation. So, we are limiting some features for premium accounts and these limitations are strict. Some people had supported us in our hard time and now we will provide them premium features for free. Yes, our old donators can enjoy the premium features for free for lifetime. So, we are limiting some features for premium accounts and these limitations are strict.

Hope you understand that no one can survive without money and even our websites can't run without money. Without any income our websites may get down that's why we had limited some of our community features and also direct support feature.

We did this to continue helping students and our fans for no cost. From now, we had started to improve our websites and we will try to help you. We will also provide some services which will be free for the users who are on VIP plan but there will be some limitation like only 2 or 3 types of services will be free for VIP members and they will have the choice to choose which 2 or 3 services they want for free. Other premium accounts will not have this feature. Our old donators will also have this VIP feature. We will use the money which we get from this community to improve our website.

Why choose us?

We are providing alot of features which other communities are not providing. We are providing full support for our community premium members and VIP member will get support for 1 Year and they will have a right of extending support for only 2-3$ for 1 Year. Our VIP member also have free access to our services which we are providing for money that's mean that they can resell our services without paying us for our services that we are providing to our VIP members.

In our Community there is gaming system, movies system, movies system, groups system, pages system, marketplace system and much more for all the users including free members. Also You can make friends on our community and post in our community. (KINDLY READ OUR COPYRIGHT POLICY AND TERMS OF USE BEFORE POSTING)